“One of the most important differences between studying for GCSE and studying for A-level (and Level 3) is that at this level you must expect to take on more responsibility for your own learning. So you have plenty of time but it is time you should be using wisely, and time that you should use to read around your subject.” Bill Indge (2010) ‘Time to Read’ (Biological Science Review: 23 (1), 30).

At Lymm High Sixth Form we have many different learning environments in which to study. The Upper Hexagon is an area where you can work in small groups or access desk top computers. The Lower Hexagon is more of a social working area where you can grab a coffee or some lunch while you work. In main school there is a dedicated silent study area in the main Learning Resource Centre. This area has silent study desks as well as ICT facilities. For those of you who like to work independently, we have a number of staffed, dedicated study rooms to complete private study. We encourage all students to make full use of the resources available in order to achieve those higher grades.

Within the Sixth Form we also have a dedicated Careers/Futures room where there is a collection of University prospectuses for you to research a University course that will be the best for you and your career plans. Please ask for advice if you need help. Information for students who wish to apply for a job and/or apprenticeships is also available. Each Thursday we have an external Careers Advisor who will offer independent advice.