The Gateway Programme

At Lymm High School Sixth Form, we are dedicated to ensuring the best outcomes and progress for all of our students. The Gateway Programme was established in 2014 to inspire and inform our most able students to have the opportunity to succeed in their application to the best universities in the country. We recognise that achieving excellent grades is only one aspect of securing a university place and the aim of the Gateway Programme is to support our students in developing the specialised interview and thinking skills required to excel in the pressurised atmosphere of an Oxbridge or Medical interview.

Students are selected based on their strong interest in studying at Oxbridge or a medical related courses and their successful GCSE profile based on a minimum of 5 A* grades. Students are offered a personalised package of support which primarily involves weekly tutorials where they receive coaching and individual feedback on their university and course choices. Their ability to think broadly within and outside their subject areas will be stretched through our ‘tutorial programme’ and links to super-curricular activities that students can access. In addition to this there will be university visits and the chance to hear from people that are currently undertaking post and undergraduate qualifications to inspire and promote the highest aspirations amongst our most able students. We are delighted that within the first cohort of the Gateway Programme two graduates successfully applied to Cambridge University and other members of the programme accessed highly regarded Russell group universities such as Durham and Imperial College.

What is the purpose of the Gateway Programme?

The Gateway programme will support and guide students through the UCAS process with specific focus on early entry application.

Who is the Gateway Programme for?

The Gateway Programme is specifically for students that are:

  • Targeted/working at A/A*s
  • Considering Oxbridge Universities
  • Interested in studying Medicine and Law

How will the Gateway Programme help students?

  • Regular Meetings to provide guidance to students
  • A student mentor to ask for advice
  • Visit to Oxbridge Conference, UCAS Convention and overnight trip to Oxford & Cambridge Open Days
  • Guest speakers to provide expert advice on the application process
  • Provide students with information on super curricular activities

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